Sunday, July 10, 2011

UPDATE: Guest Bath Mid-Project Photos

Major progress has been made on both the guest and master bath over the last two weeks. Our contractor's guys have been working almost everyday since the projects started on June 24. In the middle of all this, we decided to replumb the house (replaced all the old 1964-era plumbing with new copper pipes) while both bathrooms were exposed and being remodeled.

Today, the guys are patching up the remaining drywall in the garage (from the replumb) and painting the ceilings and walls around the house (repainting the walls where the replumbing was completed, as well as painting the new bathroom walls for the first time).

New Design Additions:
For both the guest and master bath, we selected Silver Tradition paint from Behr. It is a light white/grey to maintain our grey design theme throughout the house, while still keeping the bathrooms looking light and fresh.

Silver Tradition by Behr (Light, light grey)

We also found some modern-looking, inexpensive hardware. After two trips to Ikea to look at 3 3/4 inch Ikea Metrik handles (which were too small) and 6 5/16 inch Ikea Lansa handles (which were too big), we finally found some Lansa-like 5-inch handles at Lowes which were just right:

Gatehouse 3 inch chrome pull handles
They are called Gatehouse 3 inch pull handles, polished chrome. Although they are 3-inches across from where the handles screws into the door, their total length is 5-inches from edge-to-edge. And they are chrome to match the finish of the rest of our hardware (yes, we love brushed nickle as much as the next DIYer but it's too rich for our budget right now, so chrome it is!)

Beautiful Metrik handles, just a wee bit too small for our vanities
Painting today
Vanity still needs a counter top

Love the square shower nook
We also purchased 24-inch towel bars and toilet paper holders: Pegasus Dorset in chrome
In real life, this towel bar has much less curve than in this picture

Toilet paper holder; the curve in this pic is closer to what it looks like in real life

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